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Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

We specialize in all commercial property types along the Central Coast including office, retail,  industrial, multi-family, land, and almost all property sub-types. 


Gift Tax/Donation Appraisals

We have extensive experience providing appraisals for gift tax tax/donation and charitable contribution purposes. These types of appraisals are typically made for IRS-related purposes.


Development & Feasability Studies

We offer development and feasibility studies including market analysis, marketability analysis, feasibility studies and highest and best use studies for existing properties, new construction, redevelopment or re-positioning. 

Estate Settlement (DOD/Income Tax) Appraisals

We have experience providing commercial property appraisals for income tax and estate settlement purposes. 


Replacement Cost/Insurance Appraisals

These types of appraisals are commonly used by lenders, or owners that need an appraisal to establish the replacement cost of a property in the event of a catastrophic event. We also provide these types of appraisals for properties located in flood zones that require an appraisal in order to make flood zone improvements. 



We provide appraisal services for vineyards, ranch, rural, and coastal land.